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Class votes for Chelsea to give commencement speech!


On May 29th Chelsea Weiss, Special Olympics athlete and volunteer receptionist in the Pleasant Hill headquarters office, graduated from DVC Community College. Chelsea was a part of the transition program for students with disabilities. Highly respected by her classmates, she was chosen by her class to be a speaker at the graduation. Her speech was heartfelt and mentioned that Special Olympics was a big part of her development.  


On Thursday, March 21, people all over the world will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. In its eighth overall year and the second since it was recognized by the United Nations, World Down Syndrome Day is held 3-21 to symbolize a third copy of the 21st chromosome in people with Down syndrome. 



In honor of the day, Special Olympics Northern California is highlighting one of our amazing athletes Matthew, who has Down syndrome. Please enjoy some excerpts from Matthew’s mother Lalaine about parenting a child with Down syndrome:


On Matthew:



I was 12 years old I started swimming for Special Olympics and I am 22 years old. I am globle messenger. I got 4 gold medels and I have lots more medels in my keepsake box and my medels in it.


  Loretta Anne Dobbins


Hundreds Getting Ready for Competition!

Susie told the following story to more than 200 guests at Special Olympics 2010 Celebrity Winterfest.

Susie Enos

Susie told the following story to more than 200 guests at Special Olympics 2010 Celebrity Winterfest.

When I was born, my mom and dad were so happy.  They had two sons and were so glad to have a baby girl.  But their happiness was short-lived when they found out that I had Down syndrome.  Forty one years ago when I was born, people did not talk much about such things, and it never occurred to my mom and dad that they would not have a perfect baby like everyone else. 

The weekend of June 22, 900 athletes and volunteer coaches will descend on the U.C. Davis campus to compete in the Spring Sport season championships.  After weeks of training, followed by participation at a Regional competitions, athletes will compete in aquatics, bocce, tennis or track & field.


Thousands of athletes preparing for spring competitions!

With the basketballs put away for the season, athletes are now focusing their training on our spring sports, aquatics, bocce, tennis, track & field and volleyball.   Athletes are training hard for the chance to compete at local and regional competitions which are being held all over Northern California.   Hundreds of volunteers will come out in force to perform a wide variety of volunteer assignments, none of which is more important than cheering our athletes on!   Spectators are welcome and there is no admission fee. 


My weekend alarm clock is a slam of my bedroom door.   Footsteps slowly creep towards my bed.  Someone climbs onto the sheets and I feel his breath on my face.  It’s only seven in the morning.  I keep my eyes closed, knowing that if I open them, it’s all over.  I throw my pillow over my head and just hope that sooner or later, he might go away; that maybe, just once, I’ll be able to sleep in on a Saturday morning, wake up at noon, and be as careless as any other normal teenager.  But after about five minutes I give in, my hope gone, my eyes stinging from the light, and slowly, I get up to begin a new day.

                This has been my morning story for eight years.   On June 7, 2002, my life changed completely; I had a new baby brother.  After all the commotion was over and the visitors had gone, my parents sat me and my two other siblings down on the hospital bed to tell us that our new addition has Down syndrome.  Having a sibling with Down syndrome can be a struggle at times, but in reality, Matthew has taught me much about life and has influenced me to become the person that I am today.

Matthew & Ashley

Ashley Frankel shares an essay she wrote about her brother Matthew.


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